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What is Bitcoin ? - A simple explanation

 What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin can be identified as the latest investment wave in the business world. Everything in the world is going digital right now.

So in 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto, a software engineer, introduced Bitcoin, a digital currency to the world.

As the world's attention turned to Bitcoin, the demand for Bitcoin increased rapidly. So Bitcoin was less than a dollar ($ 1) in 2010. Today it stays close to ten thousand dollars ($ 10,000). Can you imagine the demand? So the price of Bitcoin changes constantly with the demand. So we can buy a small amount of Bitcoin at some point and sell it when the price goes up and make a very high profit.

So we hope to teach you step by step from the beginning where to buy bitcoin to how to make money

Bitcoin technology and its functionality ...

You already know a little bit about Bitcoin, but if you are making any investment, it is very important that we have a good understanding of the investment and a very good understanding. Because only then will we be able to reap the true benefits of any investment.

So when investing in Bitcoin we also need to have a very good understanding of its technology and market environment. So before you buy Bitcoin, you can get the knowledge you need through this website. So through this series of articles you can get the basic knowledge about Bitcoin as well as the knowledge required to learn about it in depth.

So this Bitcoin and the blockchain technology used in it can be identified as a step forward in the future world. That is why Bitcoin is so valuable. In our first article we hope to talk about the technology of Bitcoin and the various factors that influence its price change. So click on the full article button below and read the first article.

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