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How to Upgrade Your USB Flash Drive Storage for Free

Hey, guys. In this post, I'm going to tell you how you can increase the storage size of any of your thumb drives for free.

 Now how this works is that most thumb drives actually have reserved space that is hidden away but you can actually access it. If you know how this hidden space is kind of like an extra hidden feature just in case someone goes to add a file onto the thumb drive but there's just barely not enough space for it they can still get the file on there and also a lot of operating systems don't actually display the exact file size of certain files. Correctly so thumb drive manufacturers don't want people to get mad if they go to try and put a file on the thumb drive and they think they can fit it but they can't because the file size is wrong they want that extra space in there so people don't get mad and think it's the thumb drives fault so pretty much all thumb drives have this extra buffer a memory that you can use and sometimes it can be as much as several gigabytes okay but how do you actually unlock this extra memory now this extra space is unlocked only once the thumb drive fills up so what you need to do is get a big the file that's just barely smaller than the maximum size of the thumb drive once you copy that big file onto the thumb drive and it detects that it's about to be full it'll unlock that extra space permanently and you'll be able to actually, see it.

 So I'm going to go to the computer and do a quick demo so you can see just how easy this is alright so here we are at the computer and the drive I'm going to expand is this one it's a pretty old one less than a gigabyte as you can see and I want to see how much extra space I can get out of it so this is about 927 megabytes I'm going to drop in a video that is going to be about 900 megabytes and that's going to fill it up pretty much entirely so we can wait until that's copied all the way over alright so it finished up and now that file is in there and as you can see there's pretty much no space left on here so next what we want to do is unplug it so we have a chance to reset it and then we can plug it back in and all right so it popped up and as we can see it now has almost a gigabyte more it's about 800 or so megabytes more and now obviously it is nowhere near full so this one actually had pretty much double I'm surprised it had that much extra but that shows you just how easy it was and all you had to do was put a big file in there and it revealed that this thumb drive was actually a lot larger then you might have thought before all right so now you can have that extra free space on your thumb drive and really that memory was there the whole time you just couldn't see it but now you can and more importantly you can see exactly how much extra memory there is so you can know how much files you can really store on there but obviously, at this point, that's really all you get if you try to fill it up past that then you're really out of luck so hopefully you guys found this video helpful if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up so I know you liked it and me want to know what you guys think in the comment section as well I'm going to look forward to hearing from you they're also on Twitter, you can hit me up on there I'm always on Twitter especially after I release a new video if you want to check out some other videos those will be on the right-hand side you can either click them or look in the description for the same link such as if you're on a phone and you can subscribe if you want I try to make new videos three times a week so I think it should be worth it but anyway I look forward to hearing from you guys so thanks for watching I will see you next time have a good one

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