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Earn Money $$ Online By Pop-Under/Pop-Up ADs using your Website/Blog

Hi, my friends,
I am Evindu Shavinda (Admin)
Welcome to my site
Today I will teach you on how to earn money Online by Pop-Up/Pop-Under ADs on your site

How Pop-Up/Pop-under ADs are working?

*A Pop-Up/Pop-under AD means an ad appears in a new window in the web browser (Eg-Chrome, Firefox).
Pop-under ads appear below the visitors' browser (Like in my site) & Pop-Up ads appear in the opposite
way of appearing pop-under ads (In front of your web browser).
*If your visitors see these ads or clicked on it the publisher (you) will earn an amount of $$$$$$.
*Relatively, the amount paid for ad click is higher than viewing the ad.

What are the benefits of Pop-Up/Pop-under ADs?

*Can earn an extra income from your blog/website.

What are the cons of Pop-Up/Pop-under ADs?

*However you can earn money but your some visitors maybe not like to Pop-Up/Pop-under ADs
shown in your site.

What are the sites offering to earn money online by placing Pop-Up/Pop-under ADs on your site?

<a href="https://popcash.net/home/170320" target="_blank" title="PopCash - The Popunder network"> <img src="https://static.popcash.net/img/affiliate/728x90.jpg" alt="PopCash.net"> </a>
* Minimum Payment :- $10
 * Daily payments.
 * Payment Method:- Paypal / Paxum / Payza.
 * Accepts all countries.
 * Ad type:- Pop Under ads.
 *Refferal commission - 10%
*Payment Proof
<a href="https://popcash.net/register/170320">Click this to Register to Popcash.net by following my referral link</a>

<a href="https://www.popads.net/users/refer/1331689"><img src="http://banners.popads.net/728x90.gif" alt="PopAds.net - The Best Popunder Adnetwork" /></a>
* Minimum Payment :- $5
 * Daily payments.
 * Payment Methods:- PayPal, Payza, Bank Wire, Payoneer
 * Accepta all countries
 * Ad types:- Pop Under
 *Ref. commission - 10%
*Payment Proof

<a href="https://www.popads.net/users/refer/1331689">Click this to Register to Popads.et by following my referral link</a>

How to make Pop-Up/Pop-under ADs visible in your site (Step by step)

1.Register to the site you chose to get ads using the links given by me.
2. Add your site on the dashboard.
3. Now, request to generate a Pop-Up/Pop-under ADs code
4. Now go to the layout of your blogger/website/WordPress site & paste the ad code given as a
  3rd party Html/javascript gadget.

Technical terms - *Referrals - The members who registered by your advice & joined to the relevant
                               site using your referral link (You can find your ref. link in menu)

Thank you for visiting & reading my site. I hope you understood on Pop-Up/Pop-under ADs.If you
have any questions regarding Earning money on Shortening links /suggestion to this site please comment them below.
I will try my best to answer them.
Let us meet in the next post & have you a nice day.

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