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Double your PC RAM speed for free |1000% working | RAM Hack

Hey guys, I'm Thio Joe and today I'm gonna show you how you can double your RAM for free

Using methods that most people don't even realize are possible, but it's actually surprisingly easy

So I'm really excited to show you how to do it. We're going to be taking advantage of some optimization techniques known as stochastic optimization

Sometimes referred to as simulated annealing among computer scientists, whatever you call it

It essentially allows the RAM to handle twice as much data as normal

So it effectively doubles the capacity of the RAM in your computer

And if you have really high end high quality Ram, it's very possible that it would more than double the capacity now

Don't worry, if you don't understand any of the science terms, it's actually really easy

It just takes a little bit of patience and I'm gonna walk you through every step

So let's go over to the computer and I will show you exactly how to do it in Windows. Ok

so here we are at the computer and I'm just recording it right off the screen with a camera because we have to restart the

computer a couple times

but the first thing we want to do is see how much RAM we have right now how much we're starting off with and

We have 16 gigabytes and that's actually pretty good

But of course we can always use more right?

so the first thing you need to do is run a check disk on your computer to make sure that there's no files that are

Corrupted or anything like that?

So so when we go to do the upgrade

Everything's all set and this is actually pretty important and to do that

All you have to do is go to the command prompt type in CMD and then you have to run it as an administrator

So you can just do that right? Click click. Yes, and then type in the following command. It's


Vs. K space

Slash F

and the slash F just means it's going to repair any files that it finds and then you can press ENTER and

It's going to ask you when you want to do it and you have to do it after you restart

So you can press Y and then hit enter and then the next time you restart, it's going to run a check disk

so we can restart it right now and

I'm not going to go through the whole thing

You can just let it run because it you don't have to do anything with it. So I'll come back after it restarts

So let's do that right now

Ok, so we just let check just do its thing and it booted right back into windows at about less than 10 minutes

So now we're actually ready to do the real upgrade

so what you want to do is go to the Start menu and then go to all apps and

then go down to

Windows administrative tools and then you want to go down to

Windows memory diagnostic and again, you want to right-click that up? There's no administrator. So you just click on that and

it's going to ask you whether you want to restart now to check for problems or

If you want to check for problems the next time your start the computer, we're just gonna do it right now

So make sure you save any work or anything just like it says or else it's gonna be lost and then we can go ahead

And click a restart. It's going to restart and boot again into the memory checker

Okay, so it's going to boot into the Diagnostics tool and don't worry if it starts to run what you need to do is press

F1 to open up the options and then that will pause the test and so we can change it to what we need to

now all these different tests are designed to

Figure out how to optimize the RAM your specific RAM for your computer

Basic doesn't do anything. It just reads the memory. It will not add any or anything like that

Standard will increase your memory a little bit, but we're not really interested in that we're gonna do

Extended because this is specifically designed test to extend the amount of RAM

That's why it's called extended and you can see how many more tests this one runs compared to the previous two

So it's going to really go in there and figure out how to optimize that ram using some different techniques

So all you have to do is go down and highlight

extended with the arrow keys and then press tab and now

You don't have to change the cache

I haven't found any difference in performance whether you put it on on or off or default

It goes faster with default

so we're just gonna put it on default again highlight that and press tab and now we're going to get to pass count and

This is where you need to decide

How patient you are because the more pass

you use the more RAM you're going to get it's going to be able to do more tests and extend it even more and

Obviously if you do 15, that's where you're going to get about double if you do one or two

It's not going to really increase it at all. If any so what we want to do is type in 15 and


We're good to go. You can press f10 and

Obviously when you do 15 with the extended test it's gonna take a while might take several hours but you know

It'll be worth it. So I would recommend just letting this go overnight and

should be ready in the morning and

After it's done, it's going to reboot into Windows and then we can check again once it's ready

Ok, so it's the next day and I'm not exactly sure how long it took because I just let it run overnight

But obviously not that long and the first thing you want to do is make sure it works

so what you can actually do first is go into the Event Viewer and

Click on that and there's gonna be a log for that

Optimization we ran so you can go to Windows System and then scroll down

to where it says memory Diagnostics results and you can just right click that hit properties and then go to details and

Then here it says completion type Pass and that means that it worked it was able to do some sort of optimization and let me show you the results that we got and here you can see that it just over

Doubled the RAM buff where we were at 16 and now it's at 32 point 1 to kind of an odd number

But I'll take it and I'm not sure what the experience index was before but I think it went up and so now we have

More than double the RAM before went from 16 to about 32, and this was a great result

All right

So as you saw we were able to double the amount of RAM in that computer your results may vary

But typically I found on several computers


I've tried that doing 15 runs will actually double the amount of RAM typically and if you have very cheap budget RAM

It might not increase as much but it still should be a pretty significant increase either way

So why don't you guys all let us know how well this worked on your computer? How much of a ramen crease you got?

I'm really interested to see how well this worked for other people and if you found this video helpful

Be sure to give it a thumbs up

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I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys either in the comments section or on Twitter. So thanks for watching

I will see you next time. Have a good one

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